Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Catalina for 8/25-8/31!

Get $4 oyno wyb $12 OR MORE in one transaction 8/25-8/31/11:

Edy's Branded Products 5.8oz cups or larger
Nestle Drumsticks 4 pk or larger
Edy's shakes or smoothies 8.1oz/7.6oz
Haagen-Dazs 3.6oz cups or larger or Ice cream bars 3pk or larger
Nestle frozen dessert bars or sandwiches 6pk or larger
Edy's fruit bars 6pk or larger
Nestle Dibs 60ct or larger
Skinny Cow frozen treats 4pk or larger
Skinny cow ice cream 5.8oz cups

Go here for 1/1 8ct drumsticks (sign in or register)

Go here for 1/2 Edy's shakes or smoothies (sign in or register)

Target BTS Coupons!

I just discovered these Target printable coupons for back to school!

International Delights

They are on sale this week - 2/3? I think. I used my coupons for .50/1 and there is a STORE COUPON for .55! They paid me to take them!

Bad Walgreen's Experience

This morning at 6:45, I walked into Walgreens. I had a complete plan.

$3 RR from Pert Plus Last week. I intended to use them on Transaction 1, which was an Airwick Freshmates Ultra unit and three reach toothbrushes. The cashier didn't scan the in ad coupon and I got charged 80 cents too much for each toothbrush. Then, she refused to change the incorrect price on the airwick, even after I showed her the AD with the SKU number and walked her over to the SHELF (which of course, was not marked).

The manager came out and immediately developed an attitude. (If the cashiers could void items, this wouldn't have been an issue.) Then, when I tried to pay, the register would not accept my register rewards. I showed the manager my reciept and the RR cert. that said it was from Pert Plus. We argued for a few minutes until he finally said he would accept it "this time". Fine. OF COURSE, the $4RR certificate for the Airwick unit didn't print. The manager had gone back to his office and the cashier had to call him again. He said he wasn't giving it to me. I argued. He gave it to me.

My second transaction was 2 glade room sprays and a pack of sharpie highlighters. All were free with coupons. So, the cashier refused to let that happen and told me I couldn't have a 0 dollar order. I said, ok add a pack of gum. She called the manager and he said that I wasn't allowed to do this and I couldn't use the in ad coupon with the manufacturer's coupon. (This was not a printed coupon, it was cut from an ad!)

I walked out.

I am writing a letter to Walgreens. I am also sending a copy to the store itself. This store is terrible. Every Walgreen's I go to is like this. The shelves are not marked, the managers are miserable and the registers aren't programmed with any of the sale prices.

Someone else tell me that you've had this type of service there. From now on, I go to CVS!

Sept. Flipz Coupon

Like them on Facebook and get a coupon in September!