Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stores Refusing your Coupons? PRINT THIS

Print this letter from SmartSource and this letter from RedPlum and take them to any store that refuses to accept your internet coupons, in VIOLATION OF THEIR OWN POLICIES.


I have a feeling that many of you don't realize that stores do not lose money when you redeem coupons. But, a news flash. They DON'T.

Here is a good explanation that I found, detailing the process of coupon redemption.

Most people who use coupons are not striving to TAKE MONEY from the grocery stores, they are simply trying to save money on groceries in a tight economy. We're not trying to SCAM the system. We're trying to stretch our budgets. Quite unfortunately, shows like Extreme Couponing are ruining the savings for the rest of us.

If a cashier gives you a hard time trying to redeem a coupon that you are entitled to use according to your store's corporate policy, REPORT THEM. You are the customer and you have a right to transactions that abide by the store's policies.  Even though Walmart WILL allow overages, I don't take advantage and get cash back. I purchase other items so that my orders NEVER come to a total of ZERO. Sometimes it might be a pack of gum or a bottle of water, but that's what I personally feel is right.

If the corporate office of a chain based store has a problem with their own coupon policy, they have the right to change it without notice. Until they do, you have a right to act within that policy.

Free @ Walmart

Probably this would work anywhere though.

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