Get Coupons

Every week, when you get your grocery store ads delivered in the mail, there are 1 or more coupon inserts.

Subscribe to your local Sunday paper, however I would not get more than a single copy delivered. If you find that your savings make it worth a second, third or more copies, buy them in a store. I bought a Groupon that got me a year of Sunday deliveries for $6!

You can also get coupons online from a variety of websites (see my link on the right). Not all coupon printing sites are legit. Never pay for printable coupons! I personally only use sites that I know to be legitimate, providing actual manufacturer's coupons.

Most manufacturers have a website, so make a list of the products you use and check them out online. Most will have a promo/coupon page where they occasionally post offers. (Example: Huggies) If you have time, check these weekly. The deals are often time sensitive, or coupons print in limited quantities.

Although I haven't received my first issue, I heard that All You Magazine contains LOADS of coupons. I subscribed and i'll update once I see it it was worth the $24!

Ask your friends and family to save your their unused inserts or to save you specific coupons. Get involved in a coupon trading group like this one: Coupon Swap. Check out your local library! Most have a basket for unwanted/unneeded coupons.

Got any ideas to add? Send them to me!!!

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